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10 Hilarious Perfume Jokes to Brighten Your Day

Here at Fragrance Familia, we love everything fragrances, perfumes, and colognes! We're passionate (and even obsessed!) about connecting our shoppers with the scent that's perfect and just right for them; a scent that will eventually become their signature scent

This doesn't mean our Familia team and staff won't joke around and play pranks! Here are 10 hilarious perfume jokes we've rounded up:

  1. Why did the perfume bottle go to therapy? It had a lot of bottled-up emotions!
  2. After years of research, scientists finally develop a perfume that smells like success. Unfortunately, only rich celebrities can afford it.
  3. Why don't perfumes ever go to school? Because they already have lots of class!
  4. Why did the unique perfume fail the driving test? It had no common "scents."
  5. Why was the perfume great at baseball? It always hit the right note!
  6. Why did the cologne get a job? To make some extra "scents"!
  7. My new perfume is called "Eau de Procrastination." It smells like deadlines and caffeine.
  8. How did the perfume graduate college? It took great notes!
  9. Why did the perfume break up with the cologne? They weren't on the same scent!
  10. Why was the cologne always broke? It just couldn’t make scents meet!

Okay, so some of these are corny we'll admit!

Do you have any perfume or cologne jokes you could share with our Familia? Please add them in the comments!

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