caramel being drizzled onto a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Caramel Lattes, Drizzle, and Perfumes: It Doesn't Hurt to Indulge!

At Fragrance Familia, our team recently wrote about the best chocolatey, candy-scented, and vanilla perfumes we carry! We received great positive feedback and our shoppers want to know about the best caramel perfumes we can offer up. 

Caramel is a scent that is both comforting and decadent. It can evoke memories of childhood treats, warm autumn days, and cozy nights by the fire. It's no wonder that caramel is a popular note in perfume. If you're looking for a new fragrance to add to your collection, a caramel perfume is a great option.

Here are the 10 best caramel perfumes available today:

1. Prada Candy

  • Scent Profile: A modern blend of caramel with a hint of musk and vanilla.
Perfect For: Everyday wear, especially in cooler months.

2.7 oz perfume bottle of prada candy known for its caramel scent

    2. Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

    • Scent Profile: A seductive mix of coffee, vanilla, and caramel notes.
    • Perfect For: Night outs and winter days.

      3 oz bottle ysl's black opium perfume known for its caramel scent

    3. Ariana Grande Cloud

    • Scent Profile: Whimsical blend of lavender, pear, and caramel.
    • Perfect For: Younger audiences and casual outings.

      3.4 oz bottle of ariana grande's cloud perfume known for its caramel scent

    4. Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Gold Couture

    • Scent Profile: Decadent caramel with wild berries and honeysuckle.
    • Perfect For: Fun and flirty occasions.

      3.4 oz perfume bottle of Viva La Juicy Gold Couture By Juicy Couture

    5. Thierry Mugler Angel

    • Scent Profile: A unique combination of caramel, chocolate, and patchouli.
    • Perfect For: Making a bold statement.
      3.4 oz perfume bottle of angel by thierry mugler known for its caramel fragrance

    6. Burberry Her

    • Scent Profile: A delicate mix of berries, jasmine, and caramel.
    • Perfect For: Everyday elegance.

      3.3 oz perfume bottle of burberry her known for its caramel note

    7. Lancome La Vie Est Belle

    • Scent Profile: A complex blend of iris, patchouli, and caramel.
    • Perfect For: Women who prefer a refined sweetness.

      1.7 oz perfume bottle of La Vie Est Belle By Lancome

    8. Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal

    • Scent Profile: A daring mix of honey, blood orange, and caramel.
    • Perfect For: Nighttime adventures.

      2.7 oz perfume bottle of Scandal By Jean Paul Gaultier

    9. Paco Rabanne Olympea

    • Scent Profile: A fusion of salted vanilla and caramel.
    • Perfect For: Modern, confident women.

      2.7 oz perfume bottle of Olympea By Paco Rabanne

    10. Carolina Herrera Good Girl

    • Scent Profile: A seductive blend of almond, coffee, and caramel.
    • Perfect For: Evening wear and special occasions.

     5.1 oz perfume bottle of Good Girl By Carolina Herrera

    Have you tried any of these caramel perfumes? Do you have another favorite that we missed? Please indulge us and share in the comments!

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