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The 6 Best and Creamiest Sandalwood Perfumes and Colognes

Sandalwood is one of the most beloved ingredients in the world of fragrances, known for its rich, creamy, and warm scent. Derived from the wood of the sandalwood tree, sandalwood is often described as deep and sensual, with a subtle hint of sweetness. Sandalwood is known to be highly versatile in the world of perfumes and colognes

Sandalwood has a rich, woody aroma that is often described as being creamy, milky, and slightly sweet. It has a warm base that is reminiscent of freshly cut cedarwood, with a touch of spice and a hint of citrus. The scent can also be slightly musky and earthy, depending on the variety of sandalwood used.

Best-Selling Sandalwood Perfumes and Colognes at Fragrance Familia

1.) Tom Ford's Black Orchid is a perfect example of how sandalwood can elevate a fragrance. In this iconic scent, sandalwood provides a creamy, almost milky base that enhances the deeper, more luxurious notes of black orchid and spice. It's like the warm, embracing foundation upon which the more opulent notes dance.

3.4 oz bottle of tom ford's black orchid perfume known for its sandalwood scent

2.) In Aventus for Her by Creed, sandalwood plays a more subtle yet equally significant role. Here, it acts as a grounding force, balancing the freshness of green apple and lemon with its creamy, woody depth. This juxtaposition creates a fragrance that is both fresh and enduring, a scent that lingers and evolves on the skin.

2.5 oz bottle of aventus for her by creed perfume known for its sandalwood scent

3.) Moschino's Toy Boy uses sandalwood in a unique way. It brings a touch of traditional warmth to an otherwise modern and somewhat unconventional fragrance. Paired with rose and spicy notes, the sandalwood in Toy Boy creates a scent that is intriguingly warm yet unexpectedly fresh, a blend that challenges and delights the senses.

1.7 oz bottle of moschino's toy boy cologne known for its sandalwood scent

4.) Hypnotic Poison, with its intoxicating blend of sweetness and spice, finds a perfect companion in sandalwood. This fragrance uses the creamy, smooth quality of sandalwood to soften the intensity of its almond and vanilla notes, resulting in a voluptuously seductive scent that is both inviting and mysterious.
3.4 oz bottle of hypnotic poison perfume known for its sandalwood scent

5.) Dolce Shine captures the essence of joy and radiance, and in this blend, sandalwood adds a touch of creamy sophistication. It complements the bright, fruity notes of mango and grapefruit, bringing a soft, enveloping warmth that makes the fragrance feel like a sunny embrace.

2.5 oz bottle of dolce shine perfume known for its sandalwood scent

6.) Le Labo Santal 33 is a cult-favorite fragrance is loved for its unisex appeal and its unique blend of creamy sandalwood, cedarwood, and violet. It's a warm, inviting scent that is perfect for everyday wear.

3.4 oz bottle of le labo santal 33 - known for its sandalwood scent

In each of these fragrances, the creamy, sensual, and versatile sandalwood absolutely shines, making them favorites among our Familia shoppers. 

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