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Pear-fect Pear-Scented Perfumes at Familia

One of the smoothest and most pleasant scents in the world of perfumery are ones with elements of pear. Usually right before Spring, our Familia shoppers ask us about the best pear-scented perfumes we carry, so we thought it'd be helpful to list our most popular ones!

Pear-fect Perfumes

1. Juliette Has A Gun Pear Inc Eau De Parfum: This playful fragrance captures the essence of a ripe pear, skin and all. It's light and airy, with a touch of musky sweetness that keeps it interesting.

3.3 oz bottle of Pear Inc. By the Brand Juliette Has A Gun

2. Gucci Flora Gorgeous Eau de Parfum: This crowd-pleaser blends juicy pear with radiant magnolia and creamy sandalwood for a scent that's both fresh and elegant. It's perfect for daytime wear or a special occasion.

3.3 oz bottle of Flora Gorgeous Gardenia perfume in a pink bottle

3. Lancôme Idole Eau de Parfum: This modern fragrance opens with a sparkling burst of pear and citrus, followed by a heart of rose and jasmine. It's clean, sophisticated, and perfect for the everyday woman.

2.5 oz bottle of idole by lancome

4. Pear and Sandalwood by Aeropostale: This fragrance is captures the essence of a ripe, juicy pear, which evokes a sense of sweetness and freshness. This can be achieved through notes like pear skin, pear nectar, and pear blossom.

8 oz bottle of aeropostale's pear and sandalwood body mist
These are the most popular pear-scented perfumes we carry at Fragrance Familia. Do you have a favorite? Please share with us in the comments!

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