A Gorgeous Rose Perfume That Belongs on Your Skin

A Gorgeous Rose Perfume That Belongs on Your Skin

At Fragrance Familia, our shoppers often show deep interest in feel-good rose perfumes. While we have plenty, there is one that stands out, stands the test of time, and is usually the first pick our team recommends: Frederic Malle's Lipstick RoseAh, Lipstick RoseThe very name conjures images of silver screen sirens, ruby red lips, and whispered secrets in darkened dressing rooms.

Read on to learn its history and why this Frederic Malle gem is easily the best rose perfume on the planet.

History of Lipstick Rose

The history of this fragrance begins with its creator, Ralf Schwieger, a renowned perfumer known for his innovative approach and artistic flair. Schwieger, who has created scents for various prestigious brands, brought his distinctive style to Frederic Malle's line

Ralf Schwieger, in crafting Lipstick Rose, was inspired by the classic image of a woman applying lipstick in a boudoir. The perfume is an homage to the glamour of old Hollywood, a blend of sophistication and seduction. This perfume is femininity and grace in a bottle.

3.4 oz bottle of lipstick rose perfume by frederic malle and packaging behind it

Scent Profile of Lipstick Rose

What sets Lipstick Rose apart as the best rose perfume on the planet is its masterful scent profile. The scent is a playful yet elegant mix of rose, violet, grapefruit and musk, with hints of vanilla and vetiver adding depth and warmth. 

The rose note in Lipstick Rose is particularly praised for its authenticity and richness, standing out in a market saturated with rose-based perfumes.

This juicy rose fragrance will leave a trail of compliments wherever you decide to wear it.

Runner-Up Rose Perfume: Mancera Roses Greedy

If you want an alternative to Lipstick Rose, we highly recommend Mancera's Roses Greedy

4 oz bottle of mancera's roses greedy perfume

This Mancera gem is all about sparkling fruits and warm whispers of vanilla. The rose note is the star of the show, though. Its dewy freshness kissed by sun-kissed mandarin and plush, juicy peach. Jasmine adds a touch of elegance, while the base hums with cozy and sweet layers of amber and sugar.

This isn't your grandma's rose perfume; it's a modern masterpiece, perfect for Fragrance Familia shoppers who crave a rose that's both timeless and unexpected.

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