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10 Masculine Colognes That'll Get Her Hot and Bothered

Dating's competitive but did you know that sporting a sexy and masculine cologne can not only win her over but make her lust for you?

The right cologne just has that effect on women. However, you have to keep in mind that not all ladies are the same - a scent that one woman likes may completely turn off another! For instance, some women absolutely love tobacco scents while another may be far more into coffee-scented colognes. Some women tend to prefer men who stick to the lighter, office-appropriate colognes

We suggest experimenting with these 10 ultra-masculine colognes. Any single fragrance on this list has the potential to get her totally hot and bothered.

1. Parfums de Marly Layton: This luxurious fragrance opens with a fresh burst of lavender and apple, evolving into a warm, woody heart of amber and guaiac wood. Layton exudes an air of confident masculinity, making it ideal for evening wear. To really make it linger, be sure to pair it with the Layton shower gel!

4.2 oz bottle of parfums de marly's layton cologne

2. Dior Sauvage: A modern classic, Sauvage blends fresh citrus notes of bergamot and grapefruit with spicy undertones of pepper and cardamom. It's a versatile fragrance that transitions seamlessly from day to night. Johnny Depp is known to wear Sauvage from time to time!

3.4 oz bottle of dior's sauvage cologne


3. Creed Aventus: A legend in the fragrance world, Aventus is a timeless masterpiece. It boasts a complex blend of citrus, pineapple, and birch, creating a sophisticated and alluring scent that's perfect for any occasion.

3.3 oz bottle of creed aventus cologne

4. Versace Eros: This seductive fragrance is a modern interpretation of the Greek god of love. The blend of mint, apple, and tonka bean creates a fresh and inviting aroma that's sure to turn heads.

3.3 oz bottle of versace eros cologne

5. Nishane Ani: For the adventurous soul, Ani offers a unique and captivating fragrance. It features smoky notes of leather, tobacco, and oud, balanced with the sweetness of rose and amber. Ani is a bold statement fragrance that leaves a lasting impression. We've already declared Ani the best lemony cologne in the world!

3.4 oz bottle of nishane ani cologne

6. Nishane Hacivat: Yes, another masterpiece from Nishane is making the list! Hacivat is a captivating fragrance combines the warmth of spices with the sweetness of rose and saffron. Hacivat is a sophisticated and sensual scent that's perfect for a romantic evening.

3.4 oz bottle of nishane's hacivat cologne

7. Rehab by Initio: This provocative fragrance is all about seduction. The blend of rum, leather, and patchouli creates a dark and mysterious aura that's sure to intrigue. She may just need some Rehab if you break her heart after sporting this one.

3 oz bottle of rehab cologne by initio

8. Parfums de Marly Godolphin: The House of Parfums de Marly is at it again - this time with the mighty Godolphin. This fresh and invigorating fragrance is inspired by the equestrian world. It features citrus notes of grapefruit and mandarin, combined with the woody notes of vetiver and cedar. Godolphin is a perfect daytime fragrance that exudes confidence and energy. Just look at this gorgeous bottle - she'll instantly see that you've got your life together. 

4.2 oz bottle of parfums de marly's godolphin cologne

9. Elysium by Roja Parfums: This luxurious fragrance is a masterpiece of citrus and floral notes. Elysium is a sophisticated and elegant scent that's perfect for special occasions. Nothing screams luxury and class like Roja Parfums does.

1.7 oz bottle of elysium cologne by roja parfums

10. Oud for Happiness by Initio: The House of Initio is at it again on our list! This intoxicating fragrance is a blend of oud, rose, and saffron. It's a warm and sensual scent that's perfect for a romantic evening.

3 oz bottle of oud for happiness cologne by initio

Remember, the best cologne for you is the one that you feel confident and comfortable wearing. Experiment with different scents and find one that reflects your personality and style. While a great cologne can't guarantee success, it can certainly play a part in creating a lasting impression and boosting your confidence. So go forth, smell amazing, and conquer the world!

Gentlemen - do you think any particular masculine cologne has made that woman lust after you? Do share in the comments!

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