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10 Weird Perfume Commercials: Profane Perfumery From Gucci to Prada

Have you ever seen a perfume commercial that left you dazed, confused, and scratching your head? It's not as uncommon as you might think! Perfume and cologne commercials tend to be downright strange and weird at times - even laced with profanity in some cases!

Fragrance Familia takes a stroll down memory lane and commemorates the 10 wildest and weird perfume commercials.

1. Kenzo World: This Spike Jonze masterpiece features a woman in an oversized pink eye, frolicking with a talking tiger and a centaur. It's like a fever dream directed by Tim Burton, and it's glorious.

2. Lady Million by Paco Rabanne: Remember that time Nicki Minaj rapped about being a "stupid hoe" while bathing in gold coins? Yeah, that was a perfume commercial. Classy.

2.7 oz gold bottle of Lady Million By Paco Rabanne along with gold packaging

3. Jean Paul Gaultier Classique: A woman in a cone bra chases a sailor through a bizarre dreamscape. It's equal parts disturbing and strangely captivating.

4. Calvin Klein Eternity: A couple frolics in a field of white flowers, but they're not alone. They're surrounded by creepy, disembodied eyes that watch their every move. Is this supposed to be romantic? This one will haunt us for eternities to comee.

5. Cacharel LouLou: This one features a little girl rollerskating through a surreal landscape, chased by a giant perfume bottle. It's like Alice in Wonderland after a few too many spiked teacups.

6. Gucci Guilty: Evan Rachel Wood and Jared Leto play a kinky game of cat and mouse in this ad, complete with handcuffs, blindfolds, and some seriously suggestive whispering. We get it, Gucci Guilty is for the naughty ones.

gucci guilty pour femme ad that includes jared leto and 2 women

7. Prada Candy: A woman dressed like a sugarplum fairy cavorts in a candy-colored world, licking giant lollipops and playing with gummy bears. It's like a diabetic's nightmare, but weirdly mesmerizing.

2.7 oz. bottle of prada candy perfume

8. Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb: A woman walks through a field of flowers, and as she does, the flowers explode in a shower of petals. It's beautiful, but also kind of terrifying. What happens when she runs out of flowers to trample?

9. Thierry Mugler Angel: A woman with wings emerges from a cocoon, and as she spreads her wings, the world around her transforms into a fantastical landscape. It's like a Cirque du Soleil performance bottled in a fragrance.

10. Salvador Dalí Dali: This one is a classic for a reason. It's a surreal, dreamlike journey through the mind of Salvador Dalí, featuring melting clocks, lobster phones, and a giant eye. It's weird, it's wonderful, and it's quintessentially Dali.


So there you have it, folks: 10 wild and weird perfume commercials that will leave you scratching your head and wondering what the heck the marketing teams were thinking. If their goal was to make these ads memorable, they sure succeeded. 

Do you have a favorite perfume commercial? Please share in the comments! The ones I remember all end with a Woman repeating the name of the perfume or cologne in a fancy French accent.

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