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Miyake Magic: The 5 Best Smelling Issey Miyake Colognes

Issey Miyake is a popular fragrance line here at Fragrance Familia, and our shoppers are eager to learn which colognes from Issey smell the best. 

Discover our top picks and find your perfect scent today!

Best Smelling Issey Miyake Fragrances 

  1. L'eau D'Issey: Often praised for its timeless and fresh aquatic floral scent, this fragrance is a classic and tends to be very popular for its versatility and light, yet distinctive aroma.

    3.3 oz bottle of L'eau D'issey cologne By Issey Miyake
  2. Nuit d'Issey: Known for its more intense and masculine notes, Nuit d'Issey is often appreciated for its deeper, woodsy and spicy tones, making it a favorite for evening wear or for those who prefer a stronger, more assertive fragrance.

    4.2 oz bottle of Nuit D'Issey cologne By Issey Miyake
  3. Pure Petale de Nectar: This one is often celebrated for its sweet, floral tones. It's a bit more feminine and has a soft, delicate aroma that's reminiscent of spring. It's well-liked for its gentle and inviting scent.

    3 oz bottle of L'Eau D'Issey Pure Petale De Nectar perfume By Issey Miyake

  4. L'eau D'Issey Intense: As an intense version of the classic L'eau D'Issey, this fragrance brings a more powerful and pronounced version of the original's notes. It's often appreciated by those who like the original but prefer something with a bit more strength to it.

    2.5 oz bottle of L'eau D'issey Intense cologne By Issey Miyake

  5. A Drop D'Issey: This fragrance, while still maintaining the high quality of the Issey Miyake brand, might be ranked lower only because it's less known or newer than the others. It often presents a unique and modern twist on traditional scents, appealing to those who seek something different and contemporary.
    3 oz bottle of A Drop D'Issey perfume By Issey Miyake

Keep in mind that this is just Fragrance Familia's subjective rankings! Do you have a favorite Issey Miyake cologne you think rules in the smell department? Please share with us in the comments!

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