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6 Trending TikTok Perfumes You Need to Know: The #PerfumeTok Squad

Since the Fragrance Familia team, led by Ariel, started their perfume review crusade on TikTok, I've been captivated by the world of trending fragrances. If you haven't viewed it yet, check out her impressions of Versace Eros!

I've become glued to other influencers to learn about the most popular perfumes on the platform. #PerfumeTok obsession is real. 

It seems that these are generally the most popular perfumes always on trend and frequently appearing on #PerfumeTok videos.

1. YSL Libre: Fierce Florals for the Fearless Femme

Think sharp power suit meets unexpected sweetness. A burst of lavender and mandarin orange gives way to a creamy heart of jasmine and orange blossom, all underpinned by a musky warmth. #GirlBoss approved, obviously. 

1.6 oz. bottle of ysl libre perfume

2. Black Opium: Dark & Delicious Indulgence

Coffee and vanilla? Don't knock it till you try it. This seductive blend is like dessert for your senses – rich, intoxicating, and perfect for leaving a trail of mystery behind you. #GothGlamour, anyone?

3 oz. black bottle of ysl's black opium perfume

3. Gucci Bloom: Quirky Garden Party in a Bottle

This one's for the free spirits who like their florals unconventional. Honeysuckle and jasmine dance with earthy patchouli and green notes, creating a scent that's whimsical, unexpected, and totally #GucciGang.

3.3 oz. pink bottle of gucci bloom perfume

4. CH Good Girl: Sweet with an Edge, Just Like You

Almond and tonka bean whisper of deliciousness, while jasmine and iris add a touch of sophistication. It's the fragrance equivalent of wearing a biker jacket over a sequin dress – edgy meets elegant, and ready to conquer the night. #QueenBee vibes incoming.

2.7 oz. blue bottle of carolina herrera's good girl perfume in a heel shaped design

5. Chloe New Eau De Parfum: Sun-Kissed Skin in a Bottle

Grapefruit and lychee sparkle like sunshine on your skin, while rose and cedarwood add a touch of depth. It's the smell of a perfect summer day, bottled, and perfect for pretending you're #VacayMode even when you're stuck at your desk.

2.5 oz. bottle of chloe eau de parfume

6. Miss Dior: Parisian Chic in Every Spritz

Imagine strolling through a dewy rose garden on a crisp Parisian morning. That's Miss Dior: fresh, feminine, and effortlessly elegant. Peony and mandarin dance with a touch of musk, creating a scent that's timeless, classy, and perfect for twirling in a ballerina skirt. #Bonjour, mon amour!

3.4 oz. bottle of miss dior perfume by christian dior

From an eye test, these fragrances make up the #perfumetok ultimate fragrance squad. 

Are we missing any trending perfumes that are always featured by influencers on TikTok? Please let Fragrance Familia know and share in the comments. Include a creative hashtag if you can!

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