7 Colognes Women Absolutely Love on a Man

7 Colognes Women Absolutely Love on a Man

Lucky number 7, and if you want to get lucky with her or just impress her - you'll want to make sure you're wearing one (or even a combination) of the following 7 colognes that women absolutely love:

  1. Creed Aventus Launched in 2010, Creed Aventus celebrates strength and vision, inspired by the dramatic life of a historic emperor. With its bold blend of blackcurrant, Italian bergamot, royal pineapple, and subtle musk, it's a fragrance that exudes confidence, status, prestige and power, often proving irresistible to women who appreciate a strong, distinctive scent profile. Aventus is one of the most popular men's colognes we carry at Fragrance Familia.

  2. Dior SauvageA radically fresh composition, Dior Sauvage is characterized by its earthy notes. The rawness of Calabrian bergamot, pepper, and Ambroxan gives it a rugged, yet enticing aroma that's both spicy and warm, often leaving a memorable impact on women who enjoy a daring and outspoken fragrance.

  3. Giorgio Armani Acqua di GioA perennial favorite, Acqua di Giò for men is a scent that stands for pure freshness and aquatic elegance. Its harmonious mix of marine notes, fruits, herbs, and woods creates a natural and authentic scent, which often earns the affection of women for its understated, yet captivating allure. This a great one for men to have on before a cuddling session with that special woman.

  4. YSL La Nuit De L'HommeA scent that exudes sensuality with its intense and seductive character, La Nuit De L'Homme features cardamom, cedar, and coumarin. Its balance of freshness and strength makes it a favorite among women who are enchanted by its romantic and sophisticated essence. Our Familia shoppers have let us know that women can't get enough sniffs of La Nuit!

  5. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Recognizable by its iconic bottle and its mint, lavender, and vanilla notes, Le Male is a gentle yet masculine fragrance. Its unique scent captures both softness and strength, appealing to women who are attracted to the charismatic man.

  6. Versace ErosNamed after the Greek God of Love, Versace Eros evokes passion and desire with its intense, vibrant, and glowing combination of mint leaves, Italian lemon zest, and green apple. Its sensuous base notes make it particularly seductive to women who favor a dynamic and fiery personality in a scent. Your woman will be impressed when she sees the blue Versace Eros bottle in your collection when you show it off.

  7. Parfums de Marly LaytonParfums de Marly Layton exudes a sophisticated aroma of cardamom and fresh apple, creating a vibrant and inviting opening that many women find irresistible. The rich base of vanilla and precious woods lends a lasting depth and creamy warmth that she'll never forget. Elegant women love luxury, and Parfums de Marly Layton is a high-class fragrance. 

    Check out these 7 beautiful colognes women love from Fragrance Familia. You'll be sure to not only catch her attention - but guarantee that she'll never forget you.

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