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After Shave vs Cologne: Should You Shave or Spray?

A common question we get here at Fragrance Familia, especially from youngsters entering the world of fragrances, is: "What's the difference between after shave and cologne?" 

Today, Fragrance Familia will explain the similarities and differences and help you decide whether you should use after shave or cologne for your grooming needs.

After Shave vs. Cologne

Remember Kevin McCallister iconically drenching himself in Brut after shave in "Home Alone"? Turns out, after shave, like Kevin's choice in 'Home Alone,' is mainly for post-shave sting relief, not for providing all-day fragrance. It's lighter, fades faster, and often has antiseptic properties (Fragrance Familia actually recommends using a balm like Eternity after shave for men). 


on the other hand, is the fragrance gamechanger – bolder, longer-lasting, and boasting a wider range of scent and note profiles. Think of it as your outfit's finishing touch, not a shower's finishing sting! So, grab the after shave for comfort, cologne for confidence, and maybe skip the full-body drench, unless you're channeling your inner Home Alone hero.

So, while after shave is a post-shave essential, cologne is more about making a statement with scent. In essence, after shave calms and heals, while cologne captivates and charms.


You Need Both, Ya Filthy Animal

Men benefit from both after shave and cologne due to their distinct roles in grooming and personal presentation. After shave, applied post-shower and shaving, is crucial for its soothing and antiseptic properties, helping to calm irritated skin and prevent razor burn or cuts from becoming infected. It's a key step in post-shave skin care, ensuring a smooth and healthy complexion.

man in black tank top applying after shave to his face in the bathroom

Cologne, on the other hand, is applied after getting dressed and serves as a final touch, offering a long-lasting fragrance that enhances personal style and leaves a lasting impression. While after shave maintains skin health and comfort, cologne elevates a man's presence through its enduring scent.

5 Killer After Shave Choices

Now that we've convinced you that the after shave vs. cologne has no real winner and that you need both - let's look at five of the best tingly clean after shave choices you have:

  1. Eternity by Calvin Klein After Shave: This classic masculine scent cools and soothes irritation with crisp green notes and warm woods. Its light touch feels sophisticated without overpowering, making it perfect for daily use.

    5 oz tube of eternity after shave balm by calvin klein
  2. Obsession by Calvin Klein After Shave: A seductive blend of lavender, mandarin, and amber, this oriental fragrance adds a touch of mystery and confidence to your post-shave routine. Its longer-lasting scent projects intrigue without being cloying, ideal for special occasions.

    5 oz tube of obsession after shave balm by calvin klein
  3. Adidas Refreshing After Shave: This energizing formula bursts with citrus and aquatic notes, leaving you feeling invigorated and revitalized after a shave. Its light, sporty aroma is perfect for everyday wear, especially during warmer months.

    3.4 oz. bottle of adidas after shave lotion
  4. Jovan Musk After Shave: This timeless classic delivers a clean, powdery musk scent that's subtle yet alluring. Its gentle formula calms razor burn while the smooth musk adds a sophisticated touch to your everyday grooming routine.
    8 oz bottle of after shave cologne by Jovan Musk brand
  5. 212 VIP by Carolina Herrera After Shave: This spicy, woody fragrance with notes of ginger, leather, and tonka bean exudes an air of exclusivity and success. Its bold aroma makes a statement, ideal for evenings out or stepping up your confidence game.

    3.4 oz tube of carolina herrera's 212 vip after shave lotion

Do you use both after shave and cologne as part of your grooming routine? Do you have a go-to after shave and a signature cologne? Please share with Fragrance Familia in the comments!

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