Tips on Wearing Cologne to the Gym and 3 Best Choices

Tips on Wearing Cologne to the Gym and 3 Best Choices

In a few weeks, gyms across the world will be packed (probably temporarily) as people will be looking to work on their New Year's resolutions to become healthier. According to a Statista Global Consumer Survey, vowing to exercise more, eat healthier, and lose weight were the top New Year's resolutions last year in 2022.

With a packed setting like a gym, you'll want to make sure you wear the right cologne! We provide some tips and etiquette on wearing cologne to the gym as well as three great choices.

1. Go Light on Application

The cardinal rule of wearing cologne to the gym is moderation. A light spritz is more than enough. Remember, your goal is to smell fresh, not to announce your presence with an overpowering scent. This isn't the club, after all! Light beats loud.

2. Choose Fresh, Subtle Scents

Opt for colognes with fresh, clean notes that aren't too heavy or musky. Fresh aquatic, citrus, or light woody fragrances work best in a gym environment as they are less likely to become overpowering when mixed with the natural scent of perspiration.

3. Reapply Post-Workout Only

Consider reapplying your cologne after your workout and shower. This ensures you leave the gym smelling great without subjecting others to your fragrance during an intense workout.

4. Be Mindful of Others

Always be considerate of those around you. Some people are sensitive or allergic to certain scents. If you notice someone is uncomfortable, it may be best to skip the cologne altogether next time.

Etiquette aside, here are some top fragrance choices for the gym:

Best Cologne Choices for the Gym

1. Chrome Extreme by Azzaro

This is an excellent choice for the gym due to its fresh and invigorating scent profile. With notes of green mandarin, juniper berries, and amber, Chrome Extreme by Azzaro provides a clean, energizing fragrance that's not too overpowering.

Ariel, Fragrance Familia's cologne reviewing extraordinaire raves about Azzaro's Chrome Extreme:

2. Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani

A classic in the world of men's fragrances, Acqua di Gio is known for its fresh, aquatic scent. It's a safe bet for the gym, offering a light, airy aroma that's refreshing without being intrusive.

bottle of acqua di gio mens colognee

3. Versace Eros

Versace Eros is a bolder choice, but when applied sparingly, it can be a great post-workout fragrance. With its vibrant blend of mint, green apple, and vanilla, Eros adds a touch of sophistication without overwhelming the senses.

Ariel has also raved about Versace Eros:

Wearing cologne to the gym can be a part of your personal style, but it's important to do so thoughtfully. By choosing the right scent and applying it sparingly, you can enjoy your fragrance without disrupting the comfort of others. Remember, the gym is a shared space, and a little consideration goes a long way.

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