Best-Selling (and Smelling!) Calvin Klein Perfumes at Fragrance Familia

Best-Selling (and Smelling!) Calvin Klein Perfumes at Fragrance Familia

Our wonderful lady Fragrance Familia shoppers often ask us about the best-selling (and best smelling!) Calvin Klein perfumes we carry. CK makes among the most popular fragrances in the world.

We rank the 5 best CK perfumes for Women, based on feedback from our current and past Familia shoppers:

  1. My Euphoria Eau de Parfum for Women: Launched this year in 2023, My Euphoria is often praised for its modern, sophisticated scent, blending fruity and floral notes with a musky base. Notes include black currant, orchid, sesame, tuberose, sandalwood, oud, and bamboo. The combination of floral and black currant really shines here. 

    bottle of my euphoria perfume by calvin klein for women
  2. Eternity Summer Daze Eau de Parfum for Women: Known for its light and fresh scent, this fragrance is a favorite for summer, featuring a blend of floral and fruity notes. It's appealing for its refreshing and airy quality. Eternity Summer Daze was launched in 2022 and is an update to the original and classic Eternity by Calvin Klein. Our Familia shoppers say that this modern refresh is far fruitier and sweeter and longer lasting than the original!

    bottle of eternity summer dazy by calvin klein for women

  3. Obsession Night Eau de Parfum for Women: This perfume is recognized for its deep, intense aroma, typically combining notes of citrus, white flowers, and vanilla. It's favored by those who prefer a bold, sensual fragrance. Full notes include pear, cardamom, artemisia, grapefruit, nutmeg, musk, vanilla, patchouli, and vetiver. This is a sweet, sensual, and underrated gem from Calvin Klein. 

    bottle of obsession night perfume by calvin klein

  4. Eternity Flame Eau de Parfum for Women: This fragrance is known for its warm and inviting scent, usually featuring floral and spicy notes. It's often chosen by those who enjoy a cozy, enveloping fragrance. The mandarin orange is what makes Eternity Flame so great, according to our Familia shoppers. The warm and spicy orange may just bring out the flirt in you!

    bottle of eternity flame by calvin klein for women

  5. Truth Eau de Parfum for Women: Offering a more subtle, calming scent, this perfume is often described as clean and natural. It typically includes a mix of bamboo, wet woods, white peony, vanilla, white amber, and silk tree flower, appealing to those who prefer a more understated and serene fragrance. Our Familia shoppers love the classy bottle and often associate the bamboo with producing a heavenly and earthy scent!

    bottle of Truth By Calvin Klein eau de parfum for women

At Fragrance Familia, we think you'll be satisfied with any one of these beautiful Calvin Klein perfumes! Contact us at to learn more.

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