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Candlelight in the Clouds: Can You Bring Candles on a Plane?

So, you recently purchased a Juicy Couture candle or one of Aeropostale's cozy candles that we carry at Fragrance Familia. You're ready to travel, either for pleasure or business (or both!), and want to light your candle in your hotel room or while you soak in the bath to relax and create a cozy ambiance.

But are you allowed to bring your Fragrance Familia candles on a plane?

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We break down the details and rules created by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) when it comes to traveling with candles

Bringing Candles on a Plane

When it comes to solid wax candles, the TSA gives them the green light for both carry-on and checked bags, without any pesky restrictions on quantity or size. So go ahead, stock up on your Fragrance Familia essentials! Remember that we offer a 25% discount when you purchase five or more candles - it just doesn't get any cheaper than this!

However, if you happen to be traveling with gel candles, which we don't carry at Fragrance Familia, keep in mind that these beauties need a break from the spotlight. While they're fine in checked luggage, keep gel candles out of your carry-on to avoid any security snags.

Best Practices for Taking Candles on a Plane

Now, a few friendly reminders for smooth sailing (or soaring, rather):

  • Pack your candles securely, with extra padding for any delicate jars or vessels.
  • Be prepared for potential additional screening for your candle comrades at security. A smile and a "Good morning!" go a long way.
  • Remember, the final call always rests with the TSA officer. If they have any concerns with your candles, follow their instructions politely – safety first!

It won't be long before you're soaking in a hot bath with your Dulce Chestnut Praline Perry Ellis candle lit, creating such a cozy, luxurious vibe.

Have you ever brought candles on a plane? Did you encounter any snags? Please share with us in the comments!

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