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Creed Aventus vs. Aventus Cologne: Pineapple Punches Thrown

The single most popular cologne we carry at Fragrance Familia is Creed AventusIn 2010, Aventus stormed into the fragrance scene, crowned by a juicy, unexpected pineapple note. This audacious fruit, rarely used in men's scents then, wasn't just a quirky note; it was a revolution. Aventus blended its sunny sweetness with smoky birch and earthy musk.

Fragrance Familia remembers the buzz – Aventus redefined "fresh," sparked endless copycat scents, and became a modern masterpiece, forever etching its pineapple throne in fragrance history.

Building on the monumental success of the original, Creed launched Aventus Cologne in 2019. This lighter, airier version retained the core DNA of pineapple, birch, and musk, but dialed down the intensity for a refreshing summer scent.

2010 Aventus vs. 2019 Aventus Cologne

split photo with a bottle of creed aventus on the left and a bottle of aventus cologne on the right

So, which Creed wins: the classic 2010 Aventus or the newer 2019 Aventus cologne? At Fragrance Familia, we think the winner is obvious. Read on to find out which cologne rules!

Aventus Cologne may be the breezy summer fling, but original Aventus is the lasting love affair. While Cologne offers a light citrus whisper, Aventus explodes with bold pineapple, smoky birch, and earthy musk. This ain't just a fleeting scent, it's a full-blown fragrance statement that lingers all day. Don't get us wrong, Cologne's fun, but at Creed's prices, you want longevity, and Aventus delivers bucketloads. So, why settle for a summer fling when you can have an epic romance that never fades? Choose Aventus – the timeless masterpiece that continues to mesmerize the world.

If you are going to go with Aventus Cologne, which is versatile, Fragrance Familia recommends adding it to your collection after you've already added and enjoyed the 2010 original.

Fragrance Familia thinks the original Creed Aventus is easily the winner. Where do you stand on the Aventus vs Aventus Cologne battlefield? Please share with us in the comments!

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