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What Cologne Do We Think Elon Musk is Wearing? Probably a Musky One!

Elon Musk, the tech mogul, innovator, and all-around enigma. We know he's got a penchant for futuristic tech, space exploration, and maybe even Mars colonization. But what about his personal fragrance? What scents does this real-life Tony Stark gravitate towards? Let's take a fun and speculative dive into possible colognes Elon Musk might enjoy wearing:

Our Top Musky Cologne Guess: Montale MUSK

At Fragrance Familia, we think there's a strong possibility Elon's cologne of choice is Montale's Musk, for obvious reasons. The name alone is a dead giveaway. This musky, earthy fragrance is perfect for the man who wants to smell like a billionaire who just landed a rocket on Mars. And let's face it, who doesn't want to smell like that?

3.4 oz silver bottle of montale musk cologne and black packagingSome other possible Musk favorites...

Musky Mavericks:

  1. Tom Ford Ombré Leather: Bold, smoky, and sophisticated. Perfect for a man who thrives on innovation and challenges the status quo. This would go perfectly well with one of Elon's black suits or leather jackets. Ombré Leather also works amazingly well as a luxury leather fragrance while you're cruising in a Tesla and enjoying its own vegan leather interiors. 

    3.4 oz bottle of tom ford's ombre leather cologne
  2. Creed Viking: Fresh, earthy, and slightly wild. Captures the essence of adventure and exploration, two of Elon's passions.
    3.3 oz bottle of creed viking cologne

  3. Narciso Rodriguez For Him: Musky, animalic, and seductive from the House of Narciso Rodriguez. Hints at a hidden sensuality beneath the tech magnate persona.

  4. Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur: Intensely musky, animalic, and unforgettable. A bold statement scent for a man who isn't afraid to stand out.

    3.4 oz bottle of Frederic Malle's Musc Ravageur Parfum

Tech Titans:

  1. Comme des Garçons Wonderwood: Woody, dry, and futuristic. Reflects Elon's fascination with technology and space exploration.
  2. Molecule 01: Minimalist, clean, and almost sterile. Speaks to Elon's appreciation for efficiency and precision.
  3. Escentric Molecules Escentric 01: Sharp, metallic, and slightly robotic. A unique scent that captures the essence of artificial intelligence.
  4. Akro Awake: Stimulating, citrusy, and invigorating. Perfect for a man who always seems to be on the go.
  5. Etat Libre d'Orange Hermann A mes Cotes Me Paraissait Une Ombre: Mysterious, smoky, and slightly dangerous. Hints at a hidden darkness beneath the surface, adding an intriguing layer to Elon's personality.

Cosmic Crusaders:

  1. Amouage Interlude Man: Rich, spicy, and incense-like. Evokes the feeling of ancient rituals and forgotten civilizations, which might appeal to Elon's fascination with history and the unknown. This is a classic Amouage cologne.
  2. Parfums de Marly Oajan: Deep, woody, and complex. Captures the vastness and mystery of space, a place Elon dreams of conquering. This is one of the best colognes from the House of Parfums de Marly.
  3. Initio Parfums Prives Oud for Greatness: Woody, leathery, and powerful. A scent that reflects ambition, leadership, and a desire to achieve the impossible.

    3 oz bottle of oud for happiness by initio
  4. Xerjoff Oud Stars: Spicy, smoky, and slightly exotic. A fragrance that reflects Elon's adventurous spirit and his global outlook.

Remember, this is all just fun speculation based on Elon's public persona and interests. Ultimately, the fragrance he chooses to wear is a mystery waiting to be unveiled. But one thing is certain: Elon Musk is a man who doesn't conform to the norm, and his cologne is sure to be just as unique and intriguing as he is.

If you're reading this, Elon - we would love for you to share your cologne of choice! We know you're insanely busy but would you ever be open to starting your own cologne line? Musk is very in right now, after all!

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