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Entering the World of High End Perfumes: 10 to Start Your Exquisite Journey

Have you recently entered the beautiful world of perfume collecting? We're so glad and happy that you've found Fragrance Familia on your fragrance journey! Perhaps you're now ready to explore more high end designer perfumes. Higher end means better sillage, longevity, projection, and compliments.

We have 10 amazing suggestions to help you discover your next luxury purchase!

  1. Love in White by Creed: A testament to elegance and purity, 'Love in White' by Creed is a sophisticated blend of floral and powdery notes. It's crafted with ingredients sourced globally, such as Italian orange zest, Florentine iris, French daffodils, and rice husk from Tonkin. This fragrance embodies global harmony and luxury, making it a favorite among those who appreciate refined, high-end subtlety in their scents.

    2.5 oz bottle of creed love in white high end perfume
  2. Parfums de Marly Meliora: Meliora by Parfums de Marly is a vibrant tribute to the majestic yet delicate nature of the horse. With its blend of sweet red fruits, soothing floral notes of rose, and a warm base of vanilla and musk, Meliora is both invigorating and graceful, reflecting the beauty and nobility of its equestrian inspiration.

    2.5 oz bottle of parfume de marly's meliora high end perfume

  3. Reckless Pour Femme by Roja Parfums: Reckless Pour Femme is an intoxicating blend of floral, spicy, and warm notes. The genius of Roja Dove is evident in the way bergamot, cinnamon, and rose blend seamlessly with a daring hint of ginger. This fragrance is for the woman who is unapologetically bold and confident.

    1.7 oz bottle of reckless pour femme high end perfume by roja parfums

  4. Bond No. 9 Central Park South: Capturing the essence of one of New York's most famous streets, Bond No. 9 Central Park South is a glamorous and vibrant scent. It blends crisp notes of blackcurrant, jasmine, and lily of the valley with a warm undercurrent of sandalwood and vanilla, embodying the spirit of Manhattan's most iconic avenue.
    3.3 oz bottle of bond no. 9's high end central park south perfume

  5. Honour 43 by Amouage: Honour 43 by Amouage is a high-end masterpiece that narrates a tragic tale of love through its intricate composition. With white floral accords of jasmine and tuberose, grounded by spicy notes of coriander and pepper, it’s a fragrance that tells a story as deep as its scent.

    3.4 oz bottle of honour 43 high end perfume by amouage

  6. Bond No. 9 by Astor Place: This fragrance captures the artistic vibrancy of Astor Place in New York. With its flirtatious violet leaf and mandarin zest top notes, rounded by freesia and red poppy, it's a scent that’s as eclectic and spirited as the neighborhood it's named after.

    3.3 oz bottle of bond no. 9's high end astor place perfume

  7. Scandal Pour Femme by Roja Parfums: Dare to break the mold, to be the life of the party. Scandal is a playful explosion of plum, saffron, and honey, a gourmand delight that's equal parts naughty and nice. It's a conversation starter, a scent that leaves a lasting, high-end impression.

    1.7 oz bottle of scandal pour femme high end perfume by roja parfums

  8. Vodka on the Rocks by Kilian: Channel your inner ice queen with this icy martini of crisp cucumber, juniper berries, and powdery iris. Vodka on the Rocks is a refreshing paradox, a cool seduction that lingers on the skin like a whisper of frost.

    1.7 oz bottle of kilian's high end vodka on the rocks perfume

  9. Good Girl Gone Bad by Kilian: Unleash the duality within. Good Girl Gone Bad is a sweet surrender of jasmine and tuberose, laced with the forbidden allure of roasted chestnuts and caramel. It's a temptation in a bottle, a reminder that good girls are just bad girls in disguise.

    1.7 oz bottle of good girl gone bad high end perfume by kilian

  10. Tom Ford White Suede: Slip into a luxurious cashmere cloak, the scent of creamy musk and velvety suede warming your skin. White Suede is an intimate whisper, a declaration of self-love that's pure, sensual, and utterly captivating.

    1.7 oz bottle of tom ford's high end white suede luxury perfume


Do you own any of these high-end perfumes? Have any favorites? Please share in the comments!

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