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Hard To Find Perfumes are at Fragrance Familia: Delicious Rare Scents

While major department stores chase fads, Fragrance Familia takes pride in stocking hard-to-find fragrance gems, offering experiences for the truly discerning scent explorer. These are often the underrated perfumes that are simply a challenge to get your hands on.

Some of the most requested perfumes from our Fragrance Familia shoppers that are difficult to find at nearby big box retailers:

1. Juliette Has a Gun Mad Madame: A playful riot of red berries and ginger, tamed by creamy vanilla and musks. Mad Madame is a fearless burst of rebellion in a bottle, perfect for those who like their fragrances with a touch of spice. Finding this audacious elixir elsewhere? A challenge. But at Fragrance Familia, it's yours for the taking.

3.4 oz. bottle of Mad Madame perfume By Juliette Has A Gun

2. Guerlain Mitsouko Eau de Parfum: A timeless legend whispered in notes of peach and bergamot, Mitsouko is a chypre masterpiece that dances with vintage glamour and forbidden love. This iconic scent isn't just rare, it's an olfactory adventure, and we're thrilled to have it gracing our shelves, ready to tell its captivating story to adventurous souls.
2.5 oz. bottle of Mitsouko perfume By Guerlain

3. Creed Aventus for Her: The lighter, brighter sister of the legendary Aventus, this sparkling citrus cologne invigorates with bergamot, mandarin, and pink pepper. Freshness that leaves a sunny trail, Aventus for Her is as sought-after as it is elusive. But fear not, dear scent explorer, your quest ends here at Fragrance Familia.

2.5 oz. bottle of creed aventus for her perfume along with white packaging

4. Initio Rehab: More than a perfume, Rehab is a spicy, woody elixir that promises self-discovery. Blending cardamom, cumin, and sandalwood with the comfort of vanilla, this potent potion challenges and transforms, urging you to shed the old and embrace the new. And the best part? You won't need rehab to find it, just head to Fragrance Familia and let your olfactory journey begin.

3 oz. white bottle of rehab perfume by initio along with white packaging

5. Parfums de Marly Herod: A roaring cocktail of citrus and spice, Herod is a masculine masterpiece that unleashes a potent blend of bergamot, ginger, and black pepper. Its smoky base of woods and ambergris leaves a trail of unforgettable allure. This potent elixir is a king among fragrances, and at Fragrance Familia, you'll find it reigning supreme, ready to crown your scent collection.

4.2 oz bottle of Parfums De Marly Herod perfume

But this is just a sampling of five of the harder to find gems in our massive perfume collection. Our digital shelves overflow with rare treasures and hidden gems. If there are others you have in mind, please use the search bar at the top of this page and type away!

At Fragrance Familia, the "hard-to-find" becomes readily yours, unlocking a world of olfactive adventures that await. Happy sniffing, perfume explorers!

Are there any hard-to-find perfumes you have on your list to track down? Please share in the comments or contact us online and we'll try to help!

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