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Has Gucci Envy Been Discontinued and Are There Similar Smelling Perfumes?

One of the most sought after colognes at Fragrance Familia comes from the beloved House of Gucci: Gucci Envy. Unfortunately, we do have to let our curious Familia shoppers know that this gorgeous 1998 fragrance release has been discontinued as a perfume.

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This baffles our Fragrance Familia team, given how popular this Gucci gem is!  At Fragrance Familia, we're revisiting the beloved Gucci Envy, a journey in a bottle, crafted in 1998 by the skilled Daniela (Roche) Andrier. It starts with a captivating mix of creamy ginger, cardamom, and zesty mandarin, setting a lively stage. The heart introduces a rich blend of cedar and jasmine, balanced with subtle floral notes for depth. As it settles, the scent transitions to a base of vanilla, musk, and a hint of tobacco and leather, leaving an unforgettable, sophisticated trail.

This discontinued classic combines spicy freshness with a clean finish, making it a sought-after scent for its lingering aroma.

What Smells Like Gucci Envy?

Fear not! Even though Gucci Envy is no longer available, Fragrance Familia has 6 recommendations. These colognes smell remarkably similar to the 1998 Gucci release:

Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit de L’Homme - This fragrance shares Gucci Envy’s spicy opening with cardamom and a warm, woody base. Its blend of lavender and cedar also mirrors the heart of Envy, making it a close match for fans seeking a similar vibe.

3.3 oz bottle of ysl's la nuit de l'homme cologne

Burberry London for Men - With its spicy, woody essence, Burberry London brings a similar warmth and sophistication. The tobacco and leather notes echo the deep, rich base notes of Gucci Envy, offering a reminiscent scent journey.

3.3 oz bottle of burberry london cologne for men

Dolce & Gabbana The One for Men - This fragrance captures a similar spicy and woody character, with tobacco and amber leading its base notes. The One for Men brings a modern twist to the classic warmth found in Envy.

3.3 oz bottle of dolce and gabbana the one cologne for men

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male - Le Male stands out for its blend of warmth and sensuality with vanilla, lavender, and mint. Its balance of spice and sweetness shares a kinship with the contrasting notes of Envy.

4.2 oz bottle of Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male cologne for men

Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb
- Spicebomb is an explosive encounter of spices, echoing the vibrant opening of Gucci Envy. With a leather and tobacco warmth grounding its finish, it’s a contemporary nod to the classic.

3.3 oz bottle of spicebomb cologne for men

Prada L'Homme - Prada L'Homme features a mix of amber and iris, with a clean, powdery finish that resonates with the sophistication of Gucci Envy. Its inclusion of neroli and pepper adds a familiar spicy touch.

3.4 oz bottle of L'Homme Prada cologne for men

Have you discovered a cologne that resembles Gucci Envy? We'd be envious if you shared in the comments!

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