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What's That Perfume With The High Heel Bottle Design?

Ah, the heel perfume. Our Fragrance Familia shoppers ask us all the time, "What is that perfume with the high heel bottle design?" A seductive stiletto shape gracing your vanity, a silent statement of power and femininity. But which one was it again? Fear not, fragrance friends, for we've gathered the suspects in this high-heeled mystery!

Inspiration Behind the Heel Perfume

Carolina Herrera, the mastermind behind these iconic bottles, drew inspiration from her mother's love of shoes and the duality of women. Heels represent both strength and beauty, confidence and vulnerability. And just like a perfectly chosen pair, the right fragrance can complete your transformation.

High Heel Perfume Bottles from CH

Each of these fragrances, housed in a stunning high heel bottle, reflects sophistication and elegance, a testament to Carolina Herrera's inspiration drawn from the empowerment of women. They work so well for so many occasions.

Good Girl By Carolina Herrera

  • Notes & Scents: A seductive blend of dark and light elements, this perfume is an intriguing mix of almond, coffee, with a heart of jasmine and tuberose, ending in a rich base of cocoa and tonka bean.
  • Occasions & Venues: Perfect for evening events or romantic dinners, this scent exudes confidence and glamour, ideal for those nights where you want to leave a lasting impression.
    1.7 oz. heel shaped bottle of good girl perfume by carolina herrera

Good Girl By Carolina Herrera Eau de Parfum

  • Notes & Scents: This version takes a more intense approach, focusing on deep notes of coffee and almond, complemented by a sensual floral heart and a warm, sweet base.
  • Occasions & Venues: Ideal for formal events or special occasions, its intense aroma makes it a great choice for making a bold statement.

    2.7 oz. heel shaped bottle of Good Girl By Carolina Herrera eau de parfum

Good Girl By Carolina Herrera Eau De Parfum Légère Spray

  • Notes & Scents: A lighter, fresher take on the original, this fragrance combines ylang-ylang, jasmine, and tonka bean for a more delicate, yet still captivating scent.
  • Occasions & Venues: Suited for daily wear, especially in the office or casual outings, where its subtle yet enchanting aroma can be appreciated without overwhelming.

    2.7 oz. heel shaped bottle of Good Girl By Carolina Herrera parfume legere spray

Very Good Girl By Carolina Herrera: Sexy Red Heel

  • Notes & Scents: A playful twist on the classic, it opens with lively red currant and lychee, moves through a heart of rose, and settles into a vanilla base.
  • Occasions & Venues: This fragrance is perfect for those fun and flirty occasions, like a girls' night out or a playful date, where its vibrant and youthful scent can truly shine.

    2.7 oz. heel shaped bottle of very good girl by carolina herrera in red

Do you have a favorite Good Girl high heel perfume from the House of Carolina Herrera? Please share with Fragrance Familia in the comments!

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