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Picking Out A Perfume For Your Girlfriend

We've all been there as guys - it can be difficult to shop for a woman, especially our girlfriends! Let's say you've narrowed it down to buying her a perfume. This is an excellent and tasteful gift idea, especially with the Holidays right around the corner! However, there are thousands of elegant perfumes to choose from. How to decide? 

Fragrance Familia is here to help. Ask yourself the following questions and then consider possible perfume gift choices based on your answers.

Let's start with some key questions to consider:

Key Questions to Guide Your Choice

  1. What are her scent preferences? Does she lean towards floral, fruity, fresh, spicy, woody, or oriental fragrances?

  2. What is her personality like? Is she more vibrant and energetic, or elegant and understated?

  3. Consider her lifestyle. Does she have a busy, active lifestyle or does she prefer relaxed and quiet settings?

  4. What's the occasion? Is this a special gift for an anniversary, birthday, Christmas gift, or just because?

  5. What are her current favorites? Knowing what she already likes can be a great starting point.

Perfume Suggestions Based on Your Responses

Keep in mind that this is just a starting point in picking out the perfect perfume for your girlfriend. Please reach out to us at if you need additional help or suggestions!

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