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How to Ship Perfumes and Colognes: Fragrance Familia Does it Right

Shipping perfumes and colognes in the United States requires adherence to specific regulations due to the alcohol content in these products, which classifies them as hazardous materials, according to the USPS. 

Here's how the Fragrance Familia team ensures compliance with these rules:

  1. Hazardous Material Classification: Perfumes and colognes are often classified as hazardous materials due to their flammability. This classification affects how they can be shipped.

  2. Proper Packaging: Fragrance Familia uses specially designed packaging that meets the requirements for shipping hazardous materials. This includes using inner packaging that is leak-proof and outer packaging that is sturdy and secure.

  3. Labeling and Documentation: Each shipment is accurately labeled with the necessary hazardous material warnings and accompanied by the appropriate documentation. This ensures that carriers are aware of the contents and can handle them properly.

  4. Carrier Restrictions: Due to their hazardous nature, perfumes and colognes cannot be shipped via air, including expedited shipping methods. Fragrance Familia adheres to ground shipping options to comply with these restrictions.

  5. Training and Compliance: Employees at Fragrance Familia are trained in handling and shipping hazardous materials, ensuring that every package is prepared following the strictest safety standards.

  6. Same-Day Shipping Policy: Fragrance Familia offers free and same-day shipping on perfume and cologne orders placed before 2 PM EST (11 AM PST). This speedy service is a testament to the efficiency and dedication of the company in fulfilling customer orders promptly while adhering to all shipping regulations.

By following these guidelines, Fragrance Familia not only complies with the legal requirements but also demonstrates a commitment to safety and customer satisfaction. This approach ensures that customers receive their products in perfect, pristine condition, without any delays or complications due to shipping regulations.

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