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Is Juliette Has A Gun's "Not a Perfume" A Perfume or Not?

At Fragrance Familia, we've received quite a few messages from our customers when they stumble upon one interestingly named perfume in our collection: "Not a Perfume" by Juliette Has a Gun. The immediate question is always, "So is this a perfume or not?" We thought it'd be best to address this here!

Juliette Has a Gun's Background

In 2006, Romano Ricci, great-grandson of fashion icon Nina Ricci, sought to shake up the fragrance world. Feeling stifled by traditional scents, he envisioned perfumes as "invisible dresses," unique and empowering statements. Partnering with renowned perfumer Francis Kurkdjian, Ricci launched Juliette Has A Gun, a line defying convention.

The name "Juliette Has a Gun" symbolizes a metaphor for the perfume, a tool of seduction and liberation, drawing inspiration from Shakespeare's Juliet but with a modern, assertive twist. The brand's approach is avant-garde, often incorporating unexpected ingredients and bold scents. It was created as an ode to femininity, empowerment, and the juxtaposition of romance and rebellion.

"Not a Perfume" is Born

Juliette Has A Gun's journey began with a bang – not a floral flourish, but the unexpected "Not a Perfume." This minimalist masterpiece, launched in 2006, challenged expectations with a single ingredient: Cetalox, typically used as a base note in perfumery. 

The minimalist composition of "Not a Perfume" offers a clean, fresh, and subtly musky aroma, distinguishing it from more traditional, complex fragrances. "Not a Perfume" became a global phenomenon, paving the way for Juliette Has A Gun's boldly individual, rule-breaking fragrance collection.

3.3 oz white bottle of Not A Perfume By Juliette Has A Gun along with white packaging

Have you smelled "Not a Perfume" before? Do you have a favorite from the Juliette Has a Gun line of perfumes? Please share in the comments!

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