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Perfume Movie: Perfumes and Popcorn Night at Fragrance Familia

Merry Christmas, Fragrance Fam! How are you all enjoying this magical Christmas morning? Hopefully unwrapping some amazing presents! Our team decided to have a late evening movie night.

What did we choose? As fragrance enthusiasts, we couldn't resist the opportunity to watch a scent-themed movie: Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

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Warning: this post contains spoilers!

The Perfume Movie: What's it About?

Released in 2006, "Perfume: The Story of a Murderer" tells the tale of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille. It begins with his grim sentencing for multiple murders. Abandoned at birth and raised in an orphanage, Grenouille possesses an extraordinary sense of smell. His life changes in Paris, where, after a tragic encounter with a plum seller, he becomes obsessed with capturing her scent. Grenouille's quest leads him to a perfumer, Baldini, who teaches him the art of perfume-making, revealing the concept of a mythical thirteenth scent.

Driven by a desire to create the world's most captivating perfume, Grenouille embarks on a dark journey, targeting young women to extract their essence. His path leads him to Grasse, where he becomes fixated on Laura Richis as the final component of his creation. His spree of terror culminates in the murder of Laura, shortly after which he is captured but manages to escape execution due to the overpowering allure of his perfume.

At the of the film, Grenouille, disillusioned by the hollow victory of his olfactory masterpiece, returns to Paris. In a final act of despair, he douses himself with his perfume at the fish market where his life began, leading to a tragic, surreal end as the crowd, mesmerized, consumes him, leaving behind only his clothes and the haunting legacy of his scent.

Fragrance Familia Weighs in on the Perfume Movie

At Fragrance Familia, our take on the "Perfume Movie" diverges from its central theme of a singular, perfect scent. We believe in the beauty of exploring a diverse array of perfumes, rather than chasing an elusive, ultimate aroma. This would be a chase with no end in sight. Fragrance collecting is about the joy of discovering scents, experimenting with layering perfumes, and finding a signature perfume that resonates personally.

Jean-Baptiste Grenouille's obsessive quest in the movie, while artistically intriguing, represents an extreme that contrasts with our philosophy. The real charm of perfume lies in its ability to evoke emotions and memories, and enhance individuality, not in an unending pursuit of a supposed perfect scent.

In essence, while the "Perfume Movie" presents a compelling narrative, it's a stark contrast to the true essence of fragrance appreciation. Perfume is about personal expression and pleasure, a journey that is as varied and unique as each individual who embarks on it.

Have you seen the 2006 flick? What are your thoughts on the flick? Please share with Fragrance Familia in the comments!

Oh, and you can view "Perfume Movie" on YouTube!

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