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Students Can Score a Sweet Fragrance Discount With Familia!

Hey there, scent-savvy students! Are you ready to upgrade your fragrance game without breaking the bank? Look no further, because Fragrance Familia has got your back (and your nose) with an irresistible offer – the Smell Well 12% Sitewide Perfume Discount! Just fill out the form below - let us know which college you attend, provide us an active .edu email address, and send us a photo of your university ID (a cell phone take is just fine)!

Why Fragrance Familia?

We carry the best designer perfumes and colognes on the planet at already discounted prices, especially compared to the department stores! Also, we provide free samples with every purchase, along with free shipping. 

How to Score the Discount?

So, how do you score yourself our fragrance discount? It’s simple:

  1. Verify Your Student Status: Just fill out the form above - let us know which university you attend, provide us an active .edu email address, and send us a quick copy of our student ID. Pretty quick and easy!
  2. Browse and Select: After verification, we'll send you a unique discount code to your .edu email address that will be tied to your university email until you graduate. Use the same discount code every time you order with Fragrance Familia!

5 Perfume Fragrances to Enjoy Your Student Discount On

You're absolutely free to use your discount on any perfume or cologne we carry but we wanted to suggest a few crowd-pleasers that are especially popular among our Familia university students, as they seek their signature scent:

  1. Ariana Grande's Sweet Like Candy: This perfume is a delightful choice for young women. It embodies a playful, sweet, and flirtatious aura, perfect for those who love to express their femininity and youthful spirit. Its blend of sugary blackberry, juicy pear, and whipped cream creates a tempting and irresistible fragrance.

    ariana grande's sweet like candy perfume perfect for college students

  2. Versace Bright Crystal: Another excellent option for ladies, Bright Crystal is a more refined and elegantly floral scent. It's ideal for those who prefer a sophisticated yet vibrant aroma. With notes of yuzu, peony, and musk, it exudes a fresh, clean, and slightly sensual vibe, making it perfect for both daytime classes and evening events.

    bottle of versace's bright crystal perfume perfect for college students

  3. YSL La Nuit De L'Homme: This cologne is a fantastic choice for gentlemen who appreciate a more mysterious and seductive scent. It offers a rich blend of cardamom, cedar, and coumarin, creating a bold, spicy, and warm aroma. It's perfect for evening occasions or when a young man wants to make a confident, charismatic statement.

    bottle of ysl la nuit de l'homme cologne for men perfect for college students

  4. Dior Sauvage: A modern classic, Sauvage is known for its fresh and raw scent profile. It's a great match for gentlemen who prefer a robust, earthy fragrance. With notes of bergamot, pepper, and amberwood, it projects a powerful, masculine aura that's hard to ignore.

    bottle of dior sauvage cologne next to a college student's ipad and airbuds

  5. Versace Eros: This cologne is a wonderful choice for the stylish and passionate young man. With a unique combination of mint, green apple, and tonka bean, Eros stands out for its freshness and vitality. It's a versatile scent, suitable for various occasions, from classroom to casual outings.

    bottle of versace eros cologne for men - perfect for college students

Whatever fragrance you select - the cool thing is that decades later from today - when you're retired and golfing, you'll associate your college years with the perfume or cologne you select now!

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