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The Best Parfums de Marly Layton Clone Copycat

The Fragrance Familia content team recently wrote a post describing why Layton from the House of Parfums de Marly is the ultimate cold weather cologne and a compliment monster. We received multiple emails asking us if there are any affordable Layton clones. The answer is, YES!

Amber Oud Exclusif Bleu by Haramain is an excellent copycat of Layton. 

packaging and bottling for Amber Oud Exclusif Bleu by Al Haramain

Why Amber Oud Exclusif Bleu is Similar to PdM Layton

Amber Oud Exclusif Bleu by Haramain is widely acclaimed as an excellent clone of Layton by Parfums de Marly, and for good reason. First off, it captures the essence of Layton's luxurious and sophisticated scent profile, offering a similar blend of warm spices, fresh fruits, and rich woods.

Additionally, Amber Oud Exclusif Bleu offers remarkable longevity and sillage, mirroring Layton's world-class performance and ensuring the scent lingers gracefully throughout the day. The fragrance is also more accessible price-wise, providing a cost-effective alternative for those who love Layton's aroma but prefer a more budget-friendly option.

Finally, its exquisite packaging and bottle design add a touch of elegance, making it not just a clone in scent but also a worthy contender in presentation and overall experience.

If you're interested in Layton's scent but in more affordable package, Amber Oud Exclusif Bleu by Haramain is the cloner for you.

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