bottle of uniquely shaped jean paul gaultier le male cologne

Uniquely Designed Perfume and Cologne Bottles

At Fragrance Familia, we firmly believe that purchasing or ordering a bottle of perfume or cologne involves a full experience. It's not just about spritzing on the beautiful juice you select, it's about opening up the elegant packaging and enjoying the feel, look, and design of the luxurious bottles.

We wanted to celebrate the most unique of these fragrance bottles we carry. Take a look!

  1. Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male: This fragrance bottle is iconic for its torso-shaped design, reminiscent of a male figure. The bottle's sculptural quality with broad shoulders tapering to a narrow waist is both artistic and masculine, reflecting the bold and unconventional style of Jean Paul Gaultier. Big credit to this House for designing the most unique cologne bottle in the industry.

    bottle of jean paul gaultier le male cologne

  2. Carolina Herrera Good Girl: The bottle for Good Girl is instantly recognizable for its high heel shape, symbolizing feminine power and sophistication. The deep blue, almost black bottle with its stiletto heel embodies the dual nature of modern femininity – both bold and elegant. This striking design aligns perfectly with the fragrance's message of empowerment and its seductive blend of light and dark elements.

    bottle of good girl by carolina herrera perfume

  3. Azzaro Wanted Girl Tonic: The bottle for Azzaro's Wanted Girl Tonic is designed to resemble a flower grenade, combining elements of danger and beauty. This juxtaposition reflects the fragrance's nature – a burst of refreshing yet bold scents. The playful and edgy design, with its metallic accents and floral shape, makes it a conversation piece.

    bottle of azzaro wanted girl tonic perfume

  4. Cloud by Ariana Grande: The Cloud bottle is whimsical and dreamy, shaped like a cloud resting on a sleek base. This design captures the light and airy essence of the fragrance, which is intended to be uplifting and joyful. Its playful and soft aesthetic appeals to a younger demographic and perfectly mirrors Ariana Grande's own style.

    bottle of ariana grande cloud perfume

  5. Bond No. 9 My New York: The Bond No. 9 My New York bottle captures the essence of New York City with its star-shaped silhouette and vibrant, graffiti-inspired design. This bold and energetic bottle design mirrors the dynamic and diverse spirit of the city, while also being a stylish decorative item. It reflects the fragrance's homage to the city's vitality and cultural richness.

    bottle of bond no. 9 new york perfume for men and women

Enjoy these exquisitely designed perfume and cologne bottles for yourself by ordering with Fragrance Familia!

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