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The Thrill of Blind Buying Perfumes and 7 of the Safe(r) Picks

In the era of online shopping, blind-buying colognes and perfumes has become an exhilarating trend for fragrance enthusiasts. Gone are the days when purchasing a new scent meant a visit to the department store in a crowded parking lot, spritzing various testers until you found the perfect one.

Today, consumers are increasingly going online to make their fragrance purchases, sometimes relying purely on reviews to add to their collections. This leap of faith in choosing a fragrance based on descriptions, reviews, or brand reputation alone adds an element of excitement and suspense to the buying process.

Why the Rise in Blind-Buying Perfumes?

The trend in blind-buying can be attributed to several factors. The appeal of online exclusives, discounts, and the massive array of options available at one's fingertips has contributed to this rise. There's also the undeniable thrill of discovery and the convenience factor that makes blind-buying so appealing. Humans like a little thrill!

In order to take the sting off a potential blind-buy that goes awry, Fragrance Familia offers 3 free samples with your perfume purchase!

fragrance familia branded envelope with 3 free decant samples

The Excitement and Suspense

When you blind-buy a fragrance, you're participating in a scent lottery. It’s a gamble that plays out until the package arrives and the first spritz is released into the air. There's a unique thrill in the anticipation, akin to awaiting the outcome of a mystery novel. Will it be love at first scent, or a surprising twist? The suspense is part of the experience, turning the unboxing of a blind-bought fragrance into a special event.

At Fragrance Familia, we've had shoppers who've initially disliked their new perfume, only to actually enjoy it a few hours later after the base notes settle in.

Some Safe Blind-Buy Colognes

Despite the risks, there are certain fragrances that are universally regarded as "safe blind buys"; these scents are considered crowd-pleasers and are often recommended for those looking to dive into the world of blind-buying.

Here are a few that Fragrance Familia calls the "Lucky 7":

  1. Creed Aventus: With its sophisticated blend of pineapple, bergamot, and musk, Aventus is a modern classic that's hard not to love.

    3.3 oz bottle of creed aventus - a potential safe blind buy cologne

  2. Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L'Homme: A safe bet for its seductive cardamom and cedar profile that's both mysterious and inviting.

    3.3 oz bottle of La Nuit De L'Homme By YSL

  3. Azzaro Chrome: A fresh and clean aroma with a hint of citrus, perfect for everyday wear.

    3.4 oz bottle of chrome by azzaro

  4. Salvatore Ferragamo Uomo: This scent strikes a balance between sweet and spicy, with notes of tiramisu and cardamom, appealing to a wide audience.

    3.4 oz bottle of uomo by salvatore ferragamo

  5. Ralph Lauren Polo Blue: A scent that epitomizes freshness with its aquatic and herbal notes, making it a safe and sophisticated choice.

    4.2 oz bottle of polo blue by ralph lauren

  6. Gucci Guilty: A modern and masculine fragrance that's smooth with a hint of floral, it’s versatile and broadly appealing. You won't feel "Guilty" by blind-buying this gem from Gucci.

    5 oz bottle of Gucci Guilty Pour Homme cologne

  7. Hugo Boss Bottled: Often referred to as the "Man in a Bottle," its warm and spicy essence is a classic and a safe choice for any man.

    3.3 oz bottle of Boss Bottled By Hugo Boss cologne

Blind-buying fragrances online can be exciting, delightful, and convenient. Fragrance Familia endorses these 7 colognes as safe blind-buy candidates because they are crowd pleasers and inoffensive in the fragrance world.

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