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Wearing Perfume to Bed: Tips for Snoozing With Scents

Many of our Fragrance Familia shoppers are so enthusiastic about perfumes that they often wonder if it's fine to wear some to bed. Generally speaking, yes absolutely, it's perfectly fine! It can be very calming, soothing, and sensual to spritz on your favorite perfume before bedtime.

Is It Safe to Wear Perfume to Bed?

It's safe to wear perfume to bed, but there are a few considerations. If you have sensitive skin or allergies, be mindful of how your skin reacts to your chosen fragrance over long periods. Perfumes with natural ingredients are often a safer bet. Also, ensure your bedroom is well-ventilated to prevent any overwhelming fragrance buildup.

How Much Perfume Should I Wear?

Less is more when it comes to bedtime fragrance. A light spritz is all you need. Remember, your sense of smell adjusts to scents over time, so what may seem faint to you could be quite strong to someone else.

Subtle Scents for Sweet Dreams:

Opting for more subtle, calming scents can enhance your bedtime routine. Think along the lines of lavender, chamomile, vanilla, sandalwood, or rose. These scents are known for their relaxing properties and can help set the mood for a peaceful night's sleep.

    • Lavender: Nature's lullaby, lavender is known for its calming and stress-reducing properties.
    • Chamomile: Another sleep-inducing hero, chamomile's gentle floral scent promotes relaxation and eases anxiety.
    • Vanilla: Warm, cozy, and oh-so-comforting, vanilla creates a sense of security and serenity.
    • Sandalwood: This earthy, woody scent has grounding properties and can help quiet a racing mind.
    • Rose: Delicate and romantic, rose oil can evoke feelings of tranquility and peace.

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What About My Sheets? Will They Get Ruined?

Perfume oils can stain fabrics, so it's best to avoid spraying directly on your bedding. Opt for a scented sachet, lightly mist your pillowcase with a fabric spray, or apply your fragrance to your pajamas in a well-ventilated area before getting into bed. Remember, washing your sheets regularly is always a good idea, regardless of whether you're wearing perfume or not.

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How Often Should I Wash Your Sheets?

Wearing perfume to bed might mean you'll need to wash your sheets more often to prevent the buildup of fragrance and any potential skin irritants. It's a good practice to wash your sheets weekly, especially if you regularly wear perfume to bed.

Wearing perfume to bed can be incredibly refreshing and sensual. We fully approve it here at Fragrance Familia! Just be mindful that less is more and subtle scents might be more suitable for bedtime wear. You may want to wash your sheets a bit more often than usual if you choose to wear your perfume to bed.


Do you wear perfume to bed? If so, which one? Is it generally calming for you? Please share in the comments!

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