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What Are Skin Scents and Why do Some Perfumes Fade So Quickly?

Here at Fragrance Familia, most of our shoppers want their perfumes to be long-lasting and linger on as long as possible. This is very reasonable, especially given the price tag on designer fragrances. However, there are simply certain perfumes that are widely known to become skin scents very quickly.

What is a Skin Scent?

Skin scents are like whispers in the fragrance world, subtle and intimate. They lack the projection and intensity of traditional perfumes, instead becoming one with your skin, barely noticeable to anyone but yourself. Think of them as a personal comfort blanket, a secret language you share only with your own senses.

Jo Malone and Montblanc, for instance, are masters of crafting such fragrances. Their scents often start strong, teasing your nose with a burst of floral or citrus, before settling into a soft, skin-close embrace. They fade gracefully throughout the day, leaving behind a delicate whisper that only you get to enjoy. It's a deliberate choice, catering to those who prefer a less-intrusive fragrance experience, a secret conversation between themselves and their skin.

So, next time you reach for a Jo Malone or Montblanc perfume or cologne, remember, you're not missing out - you're choosing the intimacy of a skin scent, a whispered confidence only you can truly appreciate.

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Why Some Perfumes Fade Quickly

Some perfumes fade quickly due to a lower concentration of fragrance oils, especially in products like Eau de Toilette or Eau de Cologne vs. Eau de Parfum. The volatility of the scent's ingredients also plays a role; lighter, citrus or floral notes evaporate faster than deeper, musky or woody notes. Additionally, the longevity of a fragrance can be influenced by skin type, as oily skin tends to retain scents longer than dry skin. Environmental factors like heat and humidity can also accelerate the evaporation of a perfume.

There are some things in your immediate control to minimize perfume fade. Applying it to pulse points and moisturized skin can extend its longevity, while rubbing it in can break down the fragrance molecules, causing it to fade faster.

So, yes, get to moisturizing if you want your perfume to last as long as possible!


Do you have any perfumes or colognes in your collection you absolutely love but know they're quick to becoming skin scents? Is this something you mind or do you wish the fragrance was louder and more noticeable?

Please share with Fragrance Familia in the comments!

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