Top Perfume Shop in Washington DC - Select Same-Day Delivery

cologne bottle with gold cap in front of american flag

While Fragrance Familia is a global fragrance, perfume, and cologne seller - we're extremely proud of our Washington DC roots! We're committed to helping the Nation's Capital smell as great as it possibly can. "Make America Smell Great Again" is something I think we can all rally around, if nothing else!

We understand that DC residents are busy. You might have a hot date right after work with no window to get that cologne or perfume you need. Fortunately, we've partnered with multiple delivery services to offer same-day delivery on a select number of perfumes and colognes.

We are taking Pre-Orders on our Ultra-Luxurious in-house "Familia Flirt" Perfume:

fragrance familia's branded familia flirt perfume

Contact us at or call us at 1-888-322-1570 to pre-order "Familia Flirt" or to learn more about our same-day delivery service on fragrances or to inquire about a particular perfume or cologne. Currently, we are only offering this shopping experience to Washington DC residents.