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ALL-DAY-I-DREAM-ABOUT-SCENTS: 5 Best Smelling Adidas Colognes

Fragrance Familia's line of fresh, sporty Adidas colognes are amongst the most popular fragrances we carry. These scents are known to be versatile crowd-pleasers that could be worn during any occasion. Adidas fragrances are the signature scents of many of our Familia shoppers. 

With so many of the brand's zesty colognes on the market, which one is the best? We break it down for you!

5 Best Smelling Adidas Colognes

  1. Adidas Moves - Taking the top spot in Fragrance Familia's list, Adidas Moves is a dynamic and energetic scent that's perfect for an active lifestyle. Its beautiful blend of fresh herbs, spicy pepper, and robust woody notes makes it a standout choice for the modern man who is always on the move to the next big thing. 
    1.6 oz bottle of adidas moves colognes for men

  2. Adidas Ice Dive - At number two, Adidas Ice Dive is a refreshing and exhilarating fragrance that feels like a cool splash on a hot day. The invigorating mix of citrus, mint, and a hint of thyme offers a crisp and clean aroma, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate a scent that's as fresh as it is stimulating. Perfect for everyday wear, Ice Dive leaves a memorable impression.
    3.4 oz bottle of adidas ice dive cologne for men

  3. Adidas Champions League - Ranking third, Adidas Champions League is a sophisticated and refined fragrance designed for the man who aims to conquer. The subtle combination of citrusy top notes with a heart of lavender and a deep base of musk creates a balanced and elegant scent. This cologne is for the achiever, the man who knows his goals and strides confidently towards them.
    adidas dhampions league best of the best cologne for men

  4. Adidas Get Ready - Coming in at fourth, Adidas Get Ready is a vibrant and tropical-inspired fragrance. Its unique blend of fruity notes, combined with a hint of sea breeze, evokes the spirit of adventure and spontaneity. Ideal for the man who loves to explore and isn't afraid to try something new, Get Ready is a celebration of freedom and exploration in a bottle.
    3.4 oz bottle of adidas get ready cologne for men

  5. Adidas Victory League - Finally, at number five, Adidas Victory League is a rich and warm fragrance that exudes confidence and charm. The combination of cinnamon, vanilla, and musk creates a deeply comforting scent. It's a perfect choice for evenings and special occasions when you want to make a lasting impression.
    3.4 oz bottle of adidas victory league cologne for men

Explore these best smelling Adidas colognes at Fragrance Familia and find your signature scent today. Each of these fragrances could easily be worn at the gym or while you're running errands! 

Is there an Adidas cologne you think smells the best? Do you agree that the sporty brand's fragrances work amazingly well for active lifestyles? Please share with Fragrance Familia in the comments!

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