Fragrance Familia is the USA's Perfume Retailer

cologne bottle with gold cap in front of american flag

Fragrance Familia was formed in the Nation's Capital and proudly delivers smiles, scents, and fragrances to all Americans, from Coast to Coast and through the Heartland. We're proud to be a top perfume shop in Washington DC and rapidly gaining name recognition across the USA.

At our core, our mission is to make these deliveries to you at significantly below retail prices, so you can keep more of your money in your pocket and enjoy more scent on your wrist.

Many people love fragrances as mood boosters, but very few people love those department store prices. We offer a better way, with discounted perfumes and affordable colognes. Along the way, we want you to become our Familia.

What Makes Us American?

  • We Hire American: All of our staff are American. We only hire American. Plain and simple. If you need customer service, your representative will be based in the US.

  • Our Logistics Operations is American: All of our warehouses are in America, so be assured that your fragrance products will reach you in a timely manner - along with Free Shipping for you. Always.

  • Our Team Knows American Department Stores: American department stores, like Macy's and Nordstrom, are conglomerates that ludicrously mark up fragrances. Our team is filled with fragrance specialists who know this all too well. We minimize overhead and handle 80% of our operations remotely - that translates to more attractive product prices. 

    Instead of pushing specific fragrances on you, which is the norm at department stores, we prefer matching you up with a fragrance that'll actually suit you - based on the notes of the perfume or cologne. That is - if you need our help at all!

map of US with thumbtacks placed in certain locations
While we deliver fragrances, colognes, and perfumes all over the USA, our Familia are especially interested in: