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Perfume vs. Pest: Can Perfume Kill a Spider?

"Our Fragrance Familia team just received a unique question: 'Can perfume kill a spider?'" We thought we'd make a post of it in case other readers were curious!

The short answer? Yes, perfume can kill a spider but is it really in our best interest to kill spiders? 

Here's the simple scoop: Perfume is full of notes that smell great to us but are super strong to a tiny spider. The alcohol and chemicals in the perfume are like a huge no-no for spiders. It's kind of like how soap cleans germs off our hands; perfume can clean a spider right out of its happy life.

But should we use our lovely scents as a spider zapper? Nope! Spiders are actually the good guys in our homes, catching all those pesky bugs we don't like. So, it's not the kindest choice to blast them with our luxurious scents.

If you're looking to send a spider on a one-way trip outside, it's best to gently scoot it onto a piece of paper and take it out where it belongs. Keep your perfume for making moments memorable, not for bug problems.

If you absolutely must put some fear into the life of the spider, a good choice may be Spider Man Eau de Toilette

3.4 oz. bottle of spider man eau de toilette perfume

While we can't guarantee that this perfume will turn you into Peter Parker overnight, its citrusy-woody notes might just give our eight-legged friends a reason to steer clear.

So there you have it. Perfume can knock out spiders, but let's save our sprays for what they do best: making us smell amazing.

Stay scented, and let the spiders be!

So, have you ever spritz-scared a spider away? Please share with the Fam in the comments. Don't worry - you won't be bugging us!

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