Founder's Fragrance Vision

Rish Tanna is the founder and owner of Fragrance Familia

Rish Tanna founded Fragrance Familia LLC in Washington DC from a simple mission and vision: to ensure that shoppers had access to their favorite colognes and perfumes at prices substantially below those found at major department stores. Also, free shipping and free cologne and perfume sample packs should still be guaranteed with every order. None of that "fill up your cart to this capacity to enjoy free shipping" at Familia. Free shipping means free shipping.

Rish knows all too well how frustrating poor shipping and logistical experiences can be to the end customer. He's gone to great lengths to ensure that fast and reliable shipping standards are vigorously met at Fragrance Familia. 

In the process, our shoppers and our staff become our Familia. Rish wants to create the largest Fragrance Familia on the planet. He started his own fragrance journey with 'The One' by Dolce & Gabbana. His second cologne purchase was La Nuit De L'Homme by YSL. The collection kept growing after that, and he wants you to start your journey with Fragrance Familia.

Rish and his Familia staff are obsessed with ensuring that your Fragrance shopping experience is smooth and delightful. 

Fragrances are an amazing treat that can be used for many occasions: your workday, date night, the gym, or just lounging around. They're affordable luxuries and mood boosters. 

If you ever want to just talk colognes and perfumes with Rish, feel free to email him at:!