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Does Fragrance Familia Ship and Deliver Perfumes to Alaska and Hawaii?

Fragrance Familia is thrilled to announce our expanded delivery services, in partnership with the USPS, to the picturesque states of Alaska and Hawaii! We understand the desire for luxury scents in every corner of the US and are dedicated to making it happen.

Same-Day Dispatch for Alaska and Hawaii: Place your order by 2PM EST (10AM Alaska Time/8AM Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time), and we'll ensure it's dispatched the same day. This commitment to speedy service means you won't have to wait long to indulge in your favorite fragrances.

Exclusively Curated Perfumes for Alaska

Alaska's crisp, cool climate calls for scents that echo its serene and majestic nature. We recommend:

Tropical Scents for Hawaii 

Embrace the Hawaiian spirit with fragrances that complement its warm, tropical environment:

Note on Free Sampler Packs: We regret to inform our customers in Alaska and Hawaii that our free sampler packs are not available for shipping to these states. However, we're committed to ensuring you have access to our full range of premium designer perfumes and colognes.

Thank you for choosing Fragrance Familia. Your paradise of scents awaits!

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