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Montblanc Explorer vs Creed Aventus: A Juicy Fragrance Feud

In the world of explosive fruity, juicy fragrances - few debates are as heated as the comparison between Mont Blanc Explorer and Creed Aventus. Both are ultra-masculine, and it can be said that Explorer, released in 2019, shares the DNA of Aventus, which was revolutionary following its 2010 release.


mont blanc explorer cologne bottle to the left and creed aventus cologne to the right

Fruity Explosions

Both Explorer and Aventus begin with a vibrant fruity opening. Aventus explodes with its iconic pineapple, tart and juicy, dancing with bergamot and black currant. Explorer bursts with a playful citrus cocktail of grapefruit and pink pepper, offering a refreshing twist on the fruity theme. While Explorer doesn't boast the explicit presence of pineapple, its Haitian vetiver and patchouli create a similar tart-sweet magic, a tribute to its predecessor's spirit.

That Revolutionary Pineapple Note

Creed Aventus’s introduction of the pineapple note was nothing short of revolutionary. It offered a new take on men’s fragrances, steering away from the traditional heavy and spicy scents. In its essence, Explorer pays homage to this revolution by crafting its own citrusy tart-sweet accord

Even without the explicit pineapple note, Explorer captures a similar sweetness and tartness that nods to Aventus’s groundbreaking approach. Explorer carries with it the Aventus DNA.

What'll You Choose?

When considering Montblanc Explorer and Creed Aventus, it's important to factor in both budget and projection. Explorer emerges as the more budget-friendly option, offering a similar experience to Aventus but at a more accessible price point.

However, it's worth noting that Explorer may transition to a skin scent faster than Aventus, which is renowned for its long-lasting projection, longevity, and robust sillage. Aventus, positioned as the premium choice, offers enduring fragrance longevity, a testament to its higher price tag.

Where do you stand on the Montblanc Explorer vs Creed Aventus debate? Do you think both share the same or similar DNA? Which bottle would you lean for more often?

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