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What Burberry Touch Smells Like: Can't Touch This Scent

Ever wondered what it feels like to wear a scent that has everyone around you humming MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This"? Well, hold onto your noses, because Burberry Touch is about to take you on fragrance journey that's as untouchable as Hammer's iconic parachute pants.

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What Touch Smells Like

Launched in 2000 by the House of Burberry, "Touch" can be best described as a woody, musky cologne. The note profile:

    • Top notes: Artemisia, violet leaf, mandarin orange
    • Middle notes: Cedarwood, nutmeg, white pepper
    • Base notes: Vetiver, tonka bean, white musk

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The top notes, especially the mandarin orange, let Touch's opening act begin with an uplifting sense of freshness. As the fragrance matures over the course of the day, it becomes spicier. This is the perfect cologne to wear before you leave for the office and have a hot date hours later in the evening because the final act is very sensual, thanks to the presence of tonka bean. This is the point where the fragrance starts feeling like a cozy blanket on a chilly evening. 

Oh, and there's a great chance your woman will compliment your choice of fragrance for the evening. There's an opportunity she'll want to cuddle and literally touch you. Our shoppers love this Burberry for being a crowd-pleaser.

So, to answer the question as to what Burberry Touch smells like: Fresh, clean, slightly powdery, spicy, and sensual. You can expect the cologne to last a solid 6-8 hours, so you may want to re-apply right before your date. 

Can't Touch This

In terms of the world of colognes, there are very few that match the quality and versatility of this Burberry gem. It's a fresh and versatile cologne that any man can wear at any time, regardless of age or status in life. Whether you’re in a boardroom or at a beach party, this scent just works. It's a classic now, two decades after its release.

So go ahead, give it a spritz, and watch as the world tries to resist the urge to break into a Hammer-time dance as your sport the best Burberry perfume there is.

Spoiler alert: They can’t. Because when it comes to Burberry Touch, you really can't touch this.


Have you ever worn Burberry Touch? What are your impressions of how this fragrance smells? Please share in the comments!

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