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Banana Republic Does More Than Clothes: BR Perfumes Are Hot

Did you know that Banana Republic has a very popular fragrance line? In fact, Banana Republic perfumes and colognes are among the most popular that we carry at Fragrance Familia. They tend to be big crowd-pleasers, making them perfect blind-buy purchases (the act of buying perfumes based on reviews without ever having sniffed them in person).

7 Best Perfumes from Banana Republic

Banana Republic may be known for its stylish clothes, but their fragrance game is no joke. Their Icon Collection, in particular, boasts a diverse range of scents that cater to every personality and mood.

Whether you're drawn to deep, woodsy notes or prefer something light and airy, Banana Republic has a fragrance for you. Here are 7 of the best (in no particular ranking order):

1. Dark Cherry & Amber: This intoxicating oriental fragrance is perfect for those who love a touch of mystery. The blend of juicy black cherry, praline, and warm amber creates a scent that's both sensual and sophisticated.

2.5 oz red bottle of Dark Cherry and Amber perfume By Banana Republic

2. Cordovan: Step into a classic gentlemen's club with this rich, leathery scent. Aged leather, tobacco, and spices create a warm, inviting aroma ideal for fall and winter evenings.

3.4 oz bottle of cordovan perfume by banana republic

3. Tobacco & Tonka Bean: This sweet and smoky crowd-pleaser blends creamy vanilla with warm tobacco and tonka bean, resulting in a scent that's both comforting and alluring.

2.5 oz purple bottle of Tobacco & Tonka Bean By Banana Republic along with packaging

4. Cypress Cedar: Embrace the outdoors with this fresh, woodsy fragrance. Cypress, cedarwood, and bergamot combine for an invigorating and uplifting scent for the adventurous soul.
2.5 oz bottle of cypress cedar perfume by banana republic
5. Gardenia & Cardamom: Stand out with this unique floral fragrance. Gardenia's exotic elegance meets cardamom's spicy warmth, creating a scent that's both feminine and captivating.

2.5 oz bottle of gardenia and cardamom perfume in a white bottle along with packaging

6. Wildbloom: Spring and summer come alive in this light and airy fragrance. Wildflowers, citrus, and green notes blend seamlessly for a fresh and uplifting scent to brighten your day.

3.4 oz bottle of Wildbloom perfume by banana republic

7. Metal Rain: Live life on the edge with this invigorating scent. Violet leaf, black currant, and green notes create a fresh and energizing aroma, perfect for those who embrace the unexpected.

2.5 oz bottle of metal rain perfume by banana republic

Have you ever browsed clothes at Banana Republic only to stumble upon any of these fragrances? What's your favorite from the Banana Republic collection of perfumes? Please let us know in the comments!

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