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Tom Ford's Colognes: So Good, Mr. TF Makes You Say WTF

When it comes to rich, creamy, and sensual colognes perfectly suited for the colder months, the House of Tom Ford boasts an unparalleled collection in the fragrance world. Scent is very subjective, of course, but we had a chance to poll some of our staff and our shoppers - our Familia - and determine consensus choices on the best smelling Tom Ford cologne, as well as the longest lasting one! 

Here we go!

TF's Noir Extreme: That Kulfi Note...

  • Kulfi Craze: Forget generic vanilla sweetness, TF's Noir Extreme's got a spicy, creamy kulfi note that'll transport you straight to a Bollywood beach. It's like sunshine melted into ice cream, drizzled with cardamom and dusted with rose petals. Trust me, this ain't your grandma's vanilla extract.

  • Sweet & Sophisticated: Don't get fooled by the kulfi flirtation, Noir Extreme wears a tuxedo underneath. Woody ambers and leathery whispers keep things grounded, making this a scent that's equal parts playful and powerful. Think James Bond on vacation, sipping chai with a smile.

  • Longevity? Not its Forte: Now, while Noir Extreme will linger like a whispered secret on your skin for a good few hours, it's not the marathon runner of our Tom Ford squad. But hey, sometimes a quick, unforgettable rendezvous is all you need, right? Our recommendation is to carry some of this magical kulfi juice on you for when you need to re-apply because it likely may quickly become a skin scent.
    3.4 oz bottle of tom ford's noir extreme cologne along with gold packaging

Ombre Leather: Can Sniff it 16+ Hours Later

Many of our Familia staff and shoppers reported being able to still smell Ombre Leather on their skin 16+ hours after application, which is stellar longevity.

  • Leather Like No Other: Forget dusty libraries and biker jackets. TF's Ombre Leather's leather is smooth, smoky, and oh-so-sophisticated. Imagine a suede whisper against your skin, infused with cardamom and patchouli for a touch of earthy spice. It's the kind of leather that makes you wanna lean in and take a deep breath.

  • Beyond the Leather: Don't let the name fool you, Ombre Leather's more than just a one-note wonder. Jasmine peeks through the smoky haze, adding a touch of floral intrigue. And the base? A woody-amber cocktail that'll stay with you like a loyal shadow, long after the party's over.

  • The King of Longevity: This bad boy is the Usain Bolt of Tom Ford colognes. A single spritz will cling to your skin for hours on end, leaving a mesmerizing trail wherever you go. Think office warrior who turns into dance floor dynamo after dark.

    3.4 oz bottle of tom ford's ombre leather cologne along with black packaging

So there you have it, Fragrance fam. Tom Ford's Noir Extreme: a kulfi kiss that'll steal hearts. Ombre Leather: a smoky whisper that lingers like a boss. Both scents put the "TF" in "WTF" (in the best way possible).

As for the upcoming Vanilla Sex? Buckle up, 'cause Tom Ford's about to unleash a whole new wave of olfactory WTF moments. Vanilla Sex has been in the works for quite some time. We wouldn't have it any other way. Now go forth, smell divine, and stay tuned for that spicy vanilla scandal.


What's your favorite Tom Ford cologne of all time? Do you enjoy Noir Extreme and Ombre Leather? Are you looking forward to some Vanilla Sex? Please share with the fam in the comments!

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